About CINCH (Community Information Christchurch)

CINCH is an online community directory of clubs, community organisations and continuing education course providers in the greater Christchurch area.

Created by Christchurch City Libraries in 1981, CINCH has grown to include more than 5,800 listings, mainly in the area between the Conway and Rakaia Rivers and inland to Springfield. Ski Fields, camp sites and golf courses outside this area are also listed.

To keep information as up to date as possible, Christchurch City Libraries contacts every organisation listed annually. Not all organisations respond, so each listing contains the date of the last successful contact with an organisation.

Conditions for inclusion:

We include:

  • Community run organisations within the greater Christchurch area
  • Professional or occupational organisations with a local presence
  • National organisations with a local presence and high local importance
  • Local organisations offering a community service such as a course, workshop or hall for hire
  • Links to organisations that are part of the local infrastructure such as eco depots, parks, educational establishments, utility companies and sports and recreation providers

Christchurch City Libraries reserves the right to include or exclude any listing.

Note: Inclusion on the database is not intended as an endorsement of the activities of any of the organisations listed. As a rule we do not list commercial businesses.